Camera Trap and
Wildlife Monitoring Program

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Support our Camera Trap Program

Donating to buy a camera trap will enable us to collect important monitoring data on the animals that live in the fragile Wildlife Biolink at Batu Kapal.

BATU KAPAL CAMERA TRAP AND WILDLIFE MONITORING program is run as part of our Batu Kapal Conservation Program. We regularly monitor the precious animals that occur in the fragile ecosystem of Batu Kapal Biolink. This will help us answer important questions like: What animals live here? How many are there? Where do they go? What do they eat? Where do they sleep? Are they breeding successfully? Are populations declining or increasing?

Remote sensing camera traps are critical to the success of our Camera Trap and Wildlife Monitoring Program. Camera traps are a great tool to try and capture photos or videos of nocturnal wildlife. The camera traps allow us to capture evidence of species such as porcupine, civet cat, slow loris, sun bear, tiger, bats and many more!

Camera traps also allow us to catch a glimpse of some of the most beautiful local wildlife. 

camera trap

Our rangers and volunteers go on daily foot patrols to monitor wildlife. The aims of these foot patrols are to:


  • survey, map and monitor the area, habitats and animals
  • set up camera traps around the area to capture videos of the wildlife
  • record all signs of wildlife including footprints, scratchings, nests, sightings, sound, faeces, conflict
  • map fauna habitation, large tree corridors and food forage areas
  • map orangutan and primate movement pathways with GPS
  • develop a full species list for fauna and flora
  • identify the ecosystem service provided by each subject with a view to developing a better understanding of what is missing
  • establish recovery programmes for threatened and vulnerable species

Photo: ©ThomasMarent


Batu Kapal
Bohorok, Sumatera Utara, Indonesia