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Stories from Batu Kapal

Stories from Batu Kapal

How to Reduce Human-Wildlife Conflict – Interview with CareSumatra Ranger

A former UN peacekeeper, Arie, works as a ranger for the Indonesian Wildlife Protection Unit (IWPU) in the province of North Sumatra. We sat down to talk with him about their work to protect nature and to reduce human-wildlife conflict in the Batu Kapal buffer zone situated at the edges of the UNESCO protected Leuser National Park.

Stories from Batu Kapal

By Louise and Joe, December 2019

Being able to see Orangutans in the wild has always been my dream. When we found the Batu Kapal volunteer program we couldn’t have been more happy with the prospect of not only being able to see these awesome creatures in the wild but also working with the local communities to help improve the relationship between them so that both could thrive.

Stories from Batu Kapal

By Will, November 2019

So I had this trip planned around Asia that I’ve wanted to do for a very long time, but I also wanted to go somewhere and experience the jungle and the natural world of SouthEast Asia. Orangutans are one of my favorite animals and I started looking to see if it’s possible to see them in the wild in their natural environment at the same time, kinda thinking this is a tall order on a tight budget. Then I found Batu Kapal on the Volunteer World website.

Stories from Batu Kapal

By Tesse, March 2019

The things I remember most from my time at Batu Kapal are monitoring and cleaning the river of plastic. We did a lot more, but these activities just stuck with me. And how happy I felt there. I enjoyed the evenings where we just had fun with everyone so much! Playing Uno, charades, or the ”hand-slapping game” (with the lack of a better name for it haha).


Stories from Batu Kapal

By Sophie and Carina, March 2019

Selamat Siang! (Good Day!)
We are Sophie and Carina from Germany, we are both 18 years old and currently spending three weeks at the Batu Kapal Conservation project in the Jungle of Sumatra.
We would like to give you a little insight in to our time here and we hope to spark your interest to help in Conservation and Sustainability.

Stories from Batu Kapal

By Katya, November 2017

I participated in the Batu Kapal Conservation project in its very early days, just after it had started, and I was one of its first volunteers. For me, this was the first step into the Sumatran jungle and the first step into the world of nature conservation.

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Batu Kapal
Bohorok, Sumatera Utara, Indonesia