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About Us

Our Mission

Empowering local communities
Protecting nature

CareSumatra was founded to help communities develop and flourish in harmony with nature. 

About Us

The Story So Far

It all started with a family holiday in Sumatra in 2013. The founders of CareSumatra, Sue and Sean Delaney, visited Batu Kapal on a family trip and fell in love with the natural beauty of this place and the hospitality of the local people, and they wanted to do something to help.


There is a reason why Batu Kapal is special. In the Indonesian language, “Batu” means “ship” and “kapal” means “rock”. The naturally occurring limestone cliff formations have provided a refuge for a remnant population of wild orangutans and other wildlife, acting a bit like an “environmental ark”. Not only has it protected the species, but the wild population of orangutans has been thriving. 


This buffer zone proved to be a critical conservation spot as the national park kept retreating on all other fronts due to deforestation and encroaching human population. Sue and Sean spotted an incredible potential of this buffer zone in the conservation of the Leuser ecosystem.


They have also learned about the harmonious relationship that has always existed between the indigenous Karonese people and the rainforest, and realised how they could leverage this relationship to create a community-based conservation project.


They started out by creating a sustainable ecotourism company in 2013 to give local people alternative jobs outside of palm oil and rubber. The money was reinvested in local community initiatives. In 2017, they launched the Batu Kapal Conservation project to help restore the wildlife biolink.


We have gone a long way since then, and have created a lot of positive and tangible impact on the ground, both socially and environmentally. Our projects and the number of local people involved keep growing! We have also had hundreds of international volunteers and interns come and help with our conservation initiatives. Through these locally-led projects, we help protect the rainforest and empower local communities. 


In 2019, we established the CareSumatra charity to formalise the work we have been doing and to create more opportunities for the future.


Read below the story of our organisation and our key achievements to date.

Our Achievements


Joined the Pack for a Purpose program, asking guests to bring 2 to 5 kilos of school supplies to help at the local primary schools.

community projects Sumatra


Raised money to build a small class room to hold free English lessons for the children in the afternoons after school.

Community projects in North Sumatra


Started planning conservation programs and built the basecamp. 

Community Projects in North Sumatra


Community and conservation programs started.


Partnered with World Challenge and a Victorian high school on community projects. 

Community Projects in North Sumatra


Expanded our English education programs.



Our community programs continued. We raised money to build a water tank and community kitchen.

Community Projects in North Sumatra


Started women’s micro business initiative and free English and Indonesian lessons for the homeless kids.


Established two foundations, one in Indonesia and one in Australia to formalise our work.


Started the ranger conservation patrol program.

reduce human-wildlife conflict


In January, built an eco brick toilet block for the homeless ladies that live behind the market with World Challenge and the Victorian college.

In February, repaired the roof, ceiling, wall and connected water to the toilets at a local primary school at Porli village.

In March, launched a new women’s training program on International Women’s Day.

Community Projects in North Sumatra
Community Projects in North Sumatra

Our Sponsors

We are immensely grateful to our sponsors for their ongoing support.


Days for Girls

Our Local Partners

CareSumatra is very proud to partner with and support a number of local community-led programs