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Our Mission

Empowering local communities
Protecting nature

CareSumatra was founded to help communities develop and flourish in harmony with nature. 

About Us

Our Objectives

Objectives of CareSumatra Foundation

The objectives of the Association are to advance social welfare for the relief of poverty and distress of disadvantaged communities and people, by providing operational support, advice, mentoring and raising funds for specific programs that provide benevolent relief. The funds raised will be distributed to specific programs through a collaborative arrangement with other organisations that deliver these programs, including but not limited to programs in Sumatra. 

The Association’s aims are to: 
  • Create opportunities to improve life situations 
  • Develop self help programs within communities 
  • Provide practical solutions for real problems
  • Build self esteem
  • Provide goods and funds to disadvantaged persons where there is a need. 
Funds will be raised to support programs that include but are not limited to:
  • Provide opportunity through education.
i. Establish English and environmental classes and fund teachers’ salaries to educate disadvantaged children and youth in remote rural areas. 
ii. Buy school books and stationery, teaching aides, resources and equipment (classroom tables, chairs, whiteboards, cupboards, shelving etc) for disadvantaged communities.
iii. Establish school libraries for borrowing books. Providing an ability to learn and to gain enjoyment. 
iv. Health education, particularly in regards to women’s health and wellbeing.
v. Environmental education to children, youth and adults to enable the care and management of land to sustain life.
vi. Repairing, maintaining, refurbishing and building classrooms, school buildings and community assets in disadvantaged communities.
  • Mentor program
i. Skills of the organisation’s members and its collaborative partners will be shared by way of a Mentor program to encourage self sustainability, including but not limited to assisting with developing and implementing programs, training and knowledge sharing on small business, farming, agroforestry, conservation, financial management, information technology and hospitality.
  • Health care
i. Build toilet blocks and washing facilities for homeless families and disadvantaged communities. 
ii. Build water tanks or wells and safe water supply for disadvantaged communities
  • Employment and business opportunities
i. Develop and establish local micro businesses and create employment opportunities for the homeless and disadvantaged communities.
ii. Provide ongoing training and assistance to micro businesses, indigenous and disadvantaged communities.
iii. Provide employment opportunities for indigenous communities.

Objectives of Batu Kapal Conservation Wildlife Corridor Project

To protect and reconnect the Batu Kapal Wildlife Corridor to the Gunung Leuser National Park, by developing and implementing a sustainable balance between biodiversity, people, and economic factors impacting the wildlife corridor.

This will be achieved by:
• Working with and empowering the local community to play a custodial role in managing Conservation, Social, Cultural and Economic balance.
• Being a model example for the surrounding community. Demonstrating the benefits of learning from and learning with the local team and community.
• Developing a robust project framework to be followed by the local team, volunteers and the research team, to ensure ongoing progress is made towards these objectives.