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Women's Training Program

In March 2020, on International Women’s Day, we launched a new training program to give young women the skills, confidence and experience to seek employment or start their own micro business. 

This training program will be held at our guest house in Batu Kapal where our conservation and volunteering programs are based and will give these women skills and experience in:

1. hospitality

2. environmental monitoring and management

3. sustainable recycling and upcycling micro business opportunities

4. written and spoken English

5. computers and other technology

This training program will give the women in this remote part of North Sumatra the skills and experience to seek employment in local guest houses, as local guides and rangers, or to start their own homestay, warung (local eating house), plant nursery, eco-trekking tour company, or sustainable micro business.


Empower Young Women​

You can assist us to set up and implement this training program by making a donation to fund materials, to develop the training program, or to pay for a trainee’s monthly costs.


Together we can truly make a difference to these women’s lives. Please support our program.

Women's Microbusiness

In early 2018, the founder of CareSumatra stumbled across a group of about 40 families, mainly homeless women and children living in derelict buildings on public lands behind the markets. These beautiful people, through no fault of their own have ended up homeless due to circumstances beyond their control.

We support the homeless women at the market and women from other villages by teaching them how to recycle and upcycle single use plastics to make eco bricks, bags and mats.

These bags are available to purchase!
Please support the ladies at the gotong royong market with their upcycled plastic bag micro business.
We are looking for people, guesthouses and businesses to support these lovely ladies with the great work they are doing.
Please write to us as [email protected] if you would like to buy a bag or are keen to help by selling them at your place to visitors.
Water bottle bags are $3AUD
Small bag with zip $4AUD
Larger bags from $5AUD

Women's Health Initiative

We have partnered with Days For Girls to provide women’s health education sessions and distribution of Women’s hygiene kits, delivered by our very own DFG ambassador Sue Delaney.


Many women and girls in impoverished communities of Northern Sumatra do not have access to hygiene supplies. Girls often isolate themselves during menstruation and can miss up to eight months of schooling in three years. It is common for girls to use leaves, newspapers, mattress staffing, and even rocks to try and stay in school and these often lead to an infection. They can also be exploited in exchange for hygiene products, and end up in underage marriage.


Our goal is to provide girls with awareness and access to quality and sustainable hygiene products, by regularly distributing kits to remote villages in Sumatra. Each kit gives a girl back 8 months of education in just 3 years of use.

Working with Days for Girls, we distribute kits, each containing: 

2 waterproof shields, 8 absorbent flannelette liners, 2 pairs of knickers, 1 flannel, a travel sized soap, 2 zip lock bags, an instruction sheet, and all in a colourful drawstring bag to maintain privacy. 

Those kits are hand-crafted with love by thousands of volunteers worldwide.


Women's Health Kits

By donating just a pair of bonds girls undies, you will be ensuring that a girl doesn’t have to miss one day of school.

We are aiming to distribute at least 100 packs to girls living in remote areas of North Sumatra over the next 12 months.

A big thank you to our sponsors!

Thank you to Komorebi Foundation and Days for Girls for your support with the women’s training program and the health initiative. Without your support none of this would have been possible.