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Please support local communities in Sumatra

COVID-19 support

CareSumatra partnered with Bukit Lawang Care and Komorebi Foundation, to support the families in need by distributing food packages, the much needed soap and COVID19 information sheets.

Bukit Lawang Care have put up public banners and reached over 2000 households, providing critical information on COVID19 to approximately 10,000 people, helping to keep our community safe during this pandemic.

Please support this wonderful initiative to help keep families safe, cIick on the link below.

School repair works

In January 2020, we repaired the roof, ceiling, wall and connected water to the toilets at a local primary school at Porli village, a remote village about 90 km north west of Medan with a population of 600 people. Part of the roof was leaking, which had caused the ceiling to collapse in two of the four classrooms. The wall between these classrooms was broken in many places and there was no water nearby, so the children had to bring buckets of water to the school every day.

The project was implemented by the local villagers. Below are some photos from before and after the repair works….

School equipment and supplies

With the help of our partners, including Komorebi Foundation, we support local schools by buying white boards, providing equipment, mats, kids school packs and school resources. We also pay for school teachers’ salaries. 

We have also led a Pack for a Purpose program since 2014. As part of the program we ask guests to bring 2 to 5 kgs of school supplies to provide materials for the local primary schools.

community projects Sumatra

Children using the dictionaries donated by CareSumatra

Water and sanitation

We work to support the homeless families who live behind the market place in remote rural areas. So far, we built two eco-brick toilets, and a water tank. 

Eco bricks are made of plastic bottles packed with used plastic. They are simple yet powerful solutions to clean the villages of plastic.


Last winter, after over a year of purchasing and donating Eco Bricks, the World Challenge team and volunteers from Goulburn Valley Grammar School in Australia, built a toilet block using the bricks. 


After the successful completion of the first eco brick toilet project, the team has quickly started working on the next one. The women at the market have made 2000 eco bricks for the next toilet block with the support of Litter Free Future and Komorebi Foundation Inc.


In May of this year, we have built a second eco brick toilet block for the families who live behind the Gotong Royong market.

Our eco brick toilet project

toilet block 2
eco brick toilet 2