Help remote communities in Sumatra

Please help us create opportunities for local people in Sumatra.

Explore our campaigns to support sustainable locally-led programs in education and environment.

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Our Campaigns


education in north sumatra

Empower the Youth of North Sumatra

We provide training in practical skills to young men and women living in remote rural communities.


Help us give those people experience and opportunities needed to reach their full potential and improve their lives.

community and conservation Sumatra

Help us rebuild our jungle school

Our jungle school at Selang Pangeran in Sumatra washed away in the flood on November 17th. 


We urgently need your help to rebuild our beautiful Jungle School.


Every dollar will help.


We have a window of opportunity to save lives

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, tourism has stopped, severely impacting the local communities who rely on tourism for income. 


With no hospitals and limited medical facilities – we must act now and do everything possible to keep the virus at bay and to support the communities throughout this period.

Support Remote Communities


A group of about 40 families, mainly homeless women and children, live in derelict buildings behind the Batu Kapal market.

Support our mission to create opportunities for these women and children to earn income through micro business initiatives.



This year and in the long term we would like to create opportunities for these beautiful women to realise their full potential.

We believe that education and training are the key to this.

durians for orangutans

Durians for Orangutans


In the bufferzone adjacent to Gunung Leuser National Park, Durian farmers come into regular conflict with orangutans who eat their crops.


We aim to find ways to reduce conflict between farmers and orangutans.


One of the ways in which we hope to do this is by compensating the farmers for Durians eaten by orangutans. Durians are sold for approximately $2.50 each.