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ROAR Program

ROAR program is a community based program in North Sumatra supported by Komorebi Foundation Inc. (Australia)

Education is the Key

The ROAR Program focuses on educating children and the local community to raise awareness of plastic waste and the damage it is doing to the environment. We educate about how to reduce plastic and how to reuse plastic bags and bottles.

We are working to produce more advertising on zero plastic and signage about non littering in local areas so people can make better choices.

Children are making trash cans from sacks for litter and rubbish collection in Batu Rongring
Everybody in the village, even its youngest members, have a go at making eco bricks

Reuse & Upcycling Initiatives

Our is aim is to teach a group of local ladies how to produce products from non-recyclable waste to sell at local markets.


We are working with the homeless women at the market to:
– make eco bricks out of single use plastic water bottles and plastic bags;
– weave, knit and crochet bags, baskets, sleeping mats etc. out of single use plastic bags for sale at the market and in the community.

In May 2020, we built the second toilet block for the families that live behind the Gotong Royong market.

These eco bricks were made by our volunteers and the local people.

Eco brick toilets

In January, we built an eco brick toilet block for the homeless ladies that live behind the market with World Challenge and the Victorian college who visit every year. 

Micro business

We support the homeless women at the market and women from other villages by teaching them how to recycle and upcycle single use plastics to make eco bricks, bags and mats.

Our ladies are very creative, making mats out of single use coffee sachets.