Hutan Subur Conservation

Planting for the future

Our Hutan Subur Conservation program aims to restore nature in North Sumatra through reforestation, conservation, sustainable farming and permaculture. Our dedicated team is working with local communities to restore this precious habitat in and surrounding the Batu Kapal buffer zone.

Hutan Subur Conservation Program project adjoins our Batu Kapal Conservation Program. Its purpose is to:

1. Conserve the 2 hectares of jungle (currently home to many orangutans and other animals)


2. Establish a sustainable permaculture program to provide education and knowledge to the local farmers on sustainable farming practices and give them alternative sustainable incomes.


3. Conduct reforestation activities

    a. to replace some of the rubber plantation on this land with rainforest trees

    b. to assist our Batu Kapal Conservation program with reforestation and tree planting activities on neighbouring properties in the Batu Kapal area, as part of our Trees for Life project.

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hutan subur team

Explore the day to day activities of our team including planting trees, recycling and other activities.

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Check out our beautiful project site on our facebook page @HutanSuburConservation and come to volunteer with us. We would be delighted to have you join our team!

Restore nature in Sumatra

Help us plant more trees and support remote communities to restore nature of this wildlife buffer zone.

Restore Nature in Sumatra

Read this article about our work to restore nature in Sumatra.

How We Work

The work of our team is varied and contains a range of different conservation, reforestation and community-related activities. Please view some of our videos to learn more about the different types of work and to meet our team.